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I had 30 minutes sleep last night. Again.

This insomnia specific to sunday nights is driving me mad, the rest of the week is pretty much ruined by it but I've tried allsorts to sleep and it's not working.

No matter what I just lie there awake with my mind trawling through anything and everything. Last week it was mathemtical notations, the week before it was a check list of stuff I needed to do around the house and at work. Maelstrom downtimes, algebra, budget calculations, costume designs, the latest article from New Scientist, how many hours I have left before I have to get up. I just wish my head would shut down so I could sleep.

It sucks and it's making me miserable.
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It's nearly half ten on Saturday morning and I've been in work for 2 hours. I'm knackered. The panic is over (hopefully) I'm just waiting to see if the server fix I did has worked.

Bang goes all my good intentions for today, I'm just too tired now. The plan was to have a good night's sleep, a bit of a lie-in and then attempting to 'do stuff' and be virtuous rather than just veg all weekend.

On the downside my stomach is really bad again, this upsets me a lot as I'd had several months of being pain and upset free. I caught the deathflu in early January and my health just hasn't been right since. I'm broken.

Today was meant to be a space cleansing day and if I find the energy later will try to do at least some of it.


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