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Notes to self for standby plugs and need to look up automatic radiator bleeders.

Is it really Monday again already? Zzzzzzz.
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Totally, totally loved this! Yes I am a geek and proud of it.

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Lunch was a resounding sucess!

I not only braved B&Q for various bits and pieces and survived without ordering a new bathroom (don't ask!), I have just had the most luscious vegetable burger and salad thingy (it was actually far less healthy than it sounds)!

I am feeling rather chipper at the moment but slightly less chipper than if I'd managed to get to the supermarket to get some fruit/fruit salad for this afternoon.

I am already planning my dinner tonight, I am being such a foody at the moment and my fat arse will probably hate me for it later but I care not! (At least not until Friday when I can't find anything I look nice in).

Hopefully the rest of the afternoon will whizz by and I can get home to my beloved and much snuggly hugs.

Send me determination vibes to get my sorry behind to the gym tonight please!
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Dear Goddess

Would it be too much trouble to ask to be able to wake in the morning not feeling like hammered shite and as if I've not slept a wink please?

On the other hand, thank you for the most amazing dinner I had last night and for Chris rescuing me from the dreaded Gigantomoth.

Blessed Be


In other news, if I can just make it through today I can sleep for as long as I want, no work til Tuesday!


Jun. 2nd, 2008 11:54 am
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Changing the world.

I often wish I could change the world for the better, that I should leave this mortal coil having left a positive mark upon it. I don't really wish I could be immortalised by my deeds, although in occasional moments of vanity it would be nice to be remembered in centuries to come.

I don't think I'll ever be an amazing scientist or do great works, but if everyone cared about the world and the people in it the same way I do then it would be a very different place I think.

I try to be a good person to the people around me, give hugs and thoughtfulness where I can, everyday I try to make at least one person smile or laugh and often both.

I am mindful of my environment and try to recycle and use recycled or biodegradeable products as much as I can. I try to be kind to my body and not fill it full of junk and try to sleep enough to stop me from being a moody person.

I try to be a good friend, sister, aunt, daughter, partner and truly believe a little kindness doesn't cost much to give but can mean a great deal when received. Random hugs or letting people know you are thinking of them can brighten a day more than sunshine.

These are only small things but they do add up and the more people that do them the more it grows and everything just feels better.

Not sure why I wanted to post this but I did, so there :)

Have a good day and love you all

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I just made the best salad in the world ever!

Lots of spanish meats, vine ripened tomatoes and peppery salad leaves and a gorgeous homemade potato salad on the side (Jersey Royals, Philadelphia Light and Hellmans Light = heaven)

I am in my happy place and it sort of counts as diet food too :P
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Seeing Chris smile.

Tea from a pot.

The smell of lavender in the garden.


My gerbil coming to say hello when he hears my voice.

Hugs from a friend.

Dancing like no-one's watching even when they are.
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I feel pretty good today.

I've had a wonderful birthday weekend with far too much sumptuous food and alcohol, danced like a loon and generally had a chilled out time.

Today I did some work in the front garden. There is still a ton of stuff to do but I have at least made a start and have 2 binliners worth of compostable material. I reckon there is at least another 4 to be had just from the tiny patch at the front. I also befriended a large variety of beetles, spiders, worms and snails. Once the front is done I'll need to tackle the much larger problem in the back but I am itching to go to the garden centre for more bedding plants and slate chips. The ivy is going - all of it!

I have also cleared my blocked up drain which I think is good for my feng shui and took a heap of plastics and cartons to the recycling bank so all in all I feel quite virtuous if not a bit knackered.

There is a storm brewing but it refuses to break, just tantalises me with rolls of thunder a few miles away. Come on already!


Apr. 3rd, 2008 08:18 pm
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I love this :)


Happy Wends <3
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I'm off to celebrate earth hour - see you all after 21.00

Be free!

Mar. 14th, 2008 04:56 pm
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Finally you can all be free!

I won!
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This one made me laugh!
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I am happy today, for a variety of reasons.

I am the proud owner of a 'plastic ain't my bag' bag with another one on the way. I used it tonight and it made me feel virtuous about not adding more plastic to landfill after going to Tesco.

I made fajitas for dinner with ethically reared chicken and and prawns and loads of lovely vegetables. I love cooking like that and plan to so it more often.

Today was productive at work and I am slowly making my way through some of the more niggly long term problems I've been assigned to.

I no longer feel moody and februaryed and am looking forward to a fun weekend!

Now the evenings are getting lighter I just need the weather to be a little less fierce and I can contemplate going jogging/running!

I found my black suede and cashmere gloves this weekend and am looking forwards to Maelstrom over easter too!

Hurrah I say!


Dec. 11th, 2007 09:17 pm
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I have the most wonderful partner in the world.

He's gone away for a few days but before he left he bought me a white rose pot plant (my favourite flowers) and promised to be back before the flowers fade. I miss him so much already. I am so very loved and lucky today.

In other news I have KFC and am contemplating an early night watching Spooks in bed as it's frigging freezing at the moment!



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