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I just made the best salad in the world ever!

Lots of spanish meats, vine ripened tomatoes and peppery salad leaves and a gorgeous homemade potato salad on the side (Jersey Royals, Philadelphia Light and Hellmans Light = heaven)

I am in my happy place and it sort of counts as diet food too :P
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I am happy today, for a variety of reasons.

I am the proud owner of a 'plastic ain't my bag' bag with another one on the way. I used it tonight and it made me feel virtuous about not adding more plastic to landfill after going to Tesco.

I made fajitas for dinner with ethically reared chicken and and prawns and loads of lovely vegetables. I love cooking like that and plan to so it more often.

Today was productive at work and I am slowly making my way through some of the more niggly long term problems I've been assigned to.

I no longer feel moody and februaryed and am looking forward to a fun weekend!

Now the evenings are getting lighter I just need the weather to be a little less fierce and I can contemplate going jogging/running!

I found my black suede and cashmere gloves this weekend and am looking forwards to Maelstrom over easter too!

Hurrah I say!
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I am a very tired bear today. Today is going to suck, a lot.

I've been having odd dreams again lately, really bizarre ones where I have apparently stashed various small creatures around my bedroom (usually bats) and then wake up with a start because I have forgotten to feed/water them and I think they must be dead. I think this can probably be counted as strange (tm) given that the only pets I actually have are some gerbils that get to stuff their faces whenever they want.

I am also having a bad hair day *pouts* and it feels like a very long time until I can go home and nap.

I have sooo much to do over the next few weeks and practically no enthusiasm to do it any of it right now but that might be the lack of restful sleep talking :) Maybe I just need a decent cup of tea! And Soup! Chris and I have been making the best soup recently, his creation last night was brocolli and stilton which is just lushciousness in a pan!

Hmm hungry now :) See you later xx


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