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Lunch was a resounding sucess!

I not only braved B&Q for various bits and pieces and survived without ordering a new bathroom (don't ask!), I have just had the most luscious vegetable burger and salad thingy (it was actually far less healthy than it sounds)!

I am feeling rather chipper at the moment but slightly less chipper than if I'd managed to get to the supermarket to get some fruit/fruit salad for this afternoon.

I am already planning my dinner tonight, I am being such a foody at the moment and my fat arse will probably hate me for it later but I care not! (At least not until Friday when I can't find anything I look nice in).

Hopefully the rest of the afternoon will whizz by and I can get home to my beloved and much snuggly hugs.

Send me determination vibes to get my sorry behind to the gym tonight please!
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*hugs to everyone*

Hope your day is going well, the sun is shining here and the air has a lovely crisp feel.

My day has been quite productive so far, I spent my lunchbreak hand sewing a new pocket lining into my coat. My coat is almost 60 years old, a wonderful thing I picked up from an antique clothing shop over 10 years ago and I love it. I'm amazed the original pocket lining lasted as long as it did. Earlier this week I treated myself to some lovely new buttons for it too.

Still missing Chris heaps but then I think of my beautiful white roses and it makes me smile.

I'm in a happy mood!


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