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I am a spoon. I came to work today in different trousers than yesterday and forgot to empty the pockets, guess who has no lunch money!

Oh .. crisis sort of averted, I found £2 in my desk drawer :) I'm still a spoon though.
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:) It's my birthday on Friday and I've been really lame and not organised anything.

Current loose plans are to go for food at Rice in the Trafford Centre around 9(ish) and see what I feel like after that, there might be dancing in Jilly's if I can be arsed. (For those that don't know, Rice is a fusion restaurant that does lots of rice or noodles based dishes from all over the world from paella to jambalaya to sushi and it's yummy)

I'm also going to see Star Trek at some point on Saturday after my uni tutorial. Not sure what time or cinema it depends entirely on faff factors :)

Yes I know it's not really very definite but well.. bite me, it's my birthday :)
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Lack of confidence does not equate to lack of ability.

Having a poor self image does not mean what you think or fear is actually true.

Don't be so hard on yourself, chances are no-one else notices the minute details you are worried about.

Enjoy life, you only get one of them at a time so make the most of it.

Smile and let people know you love them, that warm tingly feeling you both get is better than chocolate.
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I love this so hard, my inner geek can't stop smiling.

Happy Valentine's Day

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A random stranger told me I was beautiful as I left the doctors' surgery this morning. Ok so he may have been a closet nutter but it still made me smile.
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One of the things I love about larp and being a roleplayer is we get to spend much more time down the rabbit hole than the vast majority of people.

Happy 177th Birthday Mr Carroll.

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Goodness, I was so hungry when I woke up this morning, the sea kittens I ate yesterday seeming to have vanished into the ether rather than giving me any sustenance at all.

The single red rose on my doorstep was a wonderful surprise though, as was the second one I found on the bonnet of my car tied with a curled black ribbon along with a tiny silver key. Just as I was about to drive off my boss texted me, we are enacting a business continuity/disaster recovery scenario today so I should report in to our site in Chatsworth rather than my usual office.

So, a pleasant drive along country lanes, over the top of the pennines and I was pleasantly distracted by green fields and hedgerows but several wrong turns later I was regretting the decision to leave my satnav at home. I pulled over at a small hamlet to ask for directions. I admired the lovely wrought iron rabbits on the gate whilst the small bespectacled gentleman pointed me down the lane to the left and I should find the road I was looking for. If I got lost again I could always ask at the tea room in the next village.

I couldn’t get over how familiar this place was as was the elderly gentleman, but when I asked him if I knew him he replied he didn’t think so but then the Carrolls had been living in these parts for decades and I might be confusing him with one of the others.

I drove past Alice’s and under the tunnel on the left and there I was, back on track, I think. The tea room was just too good to pass up though and I was already late…. I hope they have cake.

I did however, remember this...
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I'm going to stay in a castle this weekend!

This one!

And I get to wear some beautiful dresses, plot, sing, drink wine and generally swan about feeling fabulous dahling!

See some of you wonderful people there!

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For those of you who are worried about LJ's future, I can recommend the following archive utility. It did my whole journal in under a minute including comments.

The link for download and instructions can be found here:

Personally I hope it's just scaremongering but 7 years of journal entries was too much to risk losing.

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Reading very early LJ entries is making me smile, I have been in love with my Chris for over 7 years now and I can honestly say I love him more now than ever.

I am also reminded of what a truly awesome friend Nick is - Captain Whimsy you are a true Pantsmaster and Hero!

Big love to all, you rock my world.

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How frelling cold is it tonight? I am freeeezing!
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Totally, totally loved this! Yes I am a geek and proud of it.

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My sister just got me a really nice Yule present - an inspired gift from Unicef - 4 safe water buckets with lids so families have something safe and clean to store water in.

I love this, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy, just the way Yule should be.

Officially made of win :)
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Happy Birthday Jude!

Hope you have a good one :)


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Happy Yule to one and all.

Much love and happiness, be safe, warm and well.

Blessed Be

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In Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders Fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

John McCrae
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I've been quite the culinary witch this week :)

Monday I made panfried sea bass fillets with roasted root vegetables, yesterday it was baked salmon with more roasted vegetables. Today I am making sausage casserole with yorkshire puddings.

Tomorrow should be fun though, for those that remember Jester Savage, I am visiting Stu tomorrow evening and he's cooking dinner for me :D

A roofer is coming in the morning about the hole in my slates and on Friday morning I have a carpenter fitting my new bath panels.

I feel sort of domestically capable, it doesn't happen too often! It's a good job I eat a light lunch or I would be the size of a (wendy) house!


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Happy New Year!

This post was brought to you by the letter W and my faerie wings :)

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In other news, my chocolate cake rocked my world. It is so moist it is almost chewy and the frosting is a heart attack waiting to happen. I am really pleased :) It's even better than the last one I made.
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Happy Samhain one and all and I hope you have a wonderfully spooky day.

Blessed Be



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