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Things are very changeable at the moment.

I confirmed with my boss this morning that I'll be accepting his offer, he's made up as it will be helping him out a lot. He also confirmed my course will be for a week starting 18th October and I've agreed to go over from 11th October after I've completed supporting the disaster recovery test the week before.

Speaking (Typing?) of which, I was supposed to be going to the hospital for my ultra sound on 5th October but the 5th is a crucial date on the DR test that needs my particular skills so I've had to move it to the 29th October.

Had it confirmed today that Rich has paid all the arrears on the loan I agreed to be guarantor on him for which is a good thing, it's been pissing me off as it's been going on for a while.

Also found out that my washing machine is not going to be repaired but written off instead and so I have a voucher to spend on a replacement machine worth £699 - approximately twice what I paid for the original machine.

Post accident - I'm still a bit tender but no worse than after a night out dancing and have a bruise across my collarbone where the seatbelt pressed in. I'm a bit jittery when crossing the road at traffic lights, I keep checking to make sure the cars are going to stop in time and occasionally am having minor flashbacks rerunning the accident that make me jump - I think this is perfectly normal and will pass in time.

I'm also a bit blue and a bit weepy, again I think this is perfectly normal under the circumstances especially as it's the first day of full moon and that always emphasises any emotion I'm feeling, positive or negative.

I need to collect a parcel from the post office this evening, this is a pain as I left the delivery slip thing at home this morning.

Hope you're all ok, much love and hugs to everyone that needs them.

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