Jan. 27th, 2009

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Goodness, I was so hungry when I woke up this morning, the sea kittens I ate yesterday seeming to have vanished into the ether rather than giving me any sustenance at all.

The single red rose on my doorstep was a wonderful surprise though, as was the second one I found on the bonnet of my car tied with a curled black ribbon along with a tiny silver key. Just as I was about to drive off my boss texted me, we are enacting a business continuity/disaster recovery scenario today so I should report in to our site in Chatsworth rather than my usual office.

So, a pleasant drive along country lanes, over the top of the pennines and I was pleasantly distracted by green fields and hedgerows but several wrong turns later I was regretting the decision to leave my satnav at home. I pulled over at a small hamlet to ask for directions. I admired the lovely wrought iron rabbits on the gate whilst the small bespectacled gentleman pointed me down the lane to the left and I should find the road I was looking for. If I got lost again I could always ask at the tea room in the next village.

I couldn’t get over how familiar this place was as was the elderly gentleman, but when I asked him if I knew him he replied he didn’t think so but then the Carrolls had been living in these parts for decades and I might be confusing him with one of the others.

I drove past Alice’s and under the tunnel on the left and there I was, back on track, I think. The tea room was just too good to pass up though and I was already late…. I hope they have cake.

I did however, remember this... http://www.boingboing.net/2009/01/13/rabbit-hole-day-janu.html
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One of the things I love about larp and being a roleplayer is we get to spend much more time down the rabbit hole than the vast majority of people.

Happy 177th Birthday Mr Carroll.



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